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New Feature!

Enter to win in the local Florida Lotteries ! You can send me an email with the below details and I will do all the work for you!

Send me an email to with -

Your Name -- Your State (or Country if not in the US.) -- Your actual mailing address -- What Bank, local to you, that you are working with (Do NOT send the account number! We will handle that portion later should you actually win.)

Then, tell me which me of the following LOTTERY Games you want to participant in: POWERBALL ($2 US dollars per ticket) -- MEGA MILLIONS ($2 US dollars per ticket) -- CASH FOR LIFE ($2 US dollars per ticket) Also, there are others, but we will just stick to those three until we see if this is working out OK. There is a 1 dollar fee per transaction; so if you want to just play the PowerBall, for say 5 tickets, the total cost would be $11 dollars ($2 dollars per ticket and a 1 dollar fee for me gathering the tickets.) OR, if you want to play the PowerBall AND Cash4Life, then the fee is the cost of the tickets plus 2 dollars. Also, unless you give me a specific set of numbers to play all tickets will be random Quick Picks...I cannot guarantee the order of any picks however.

Okay :) So, email me to get things started and I will give you the PayPal address you can send your payment to; then we can get the ball rolling ! :)

PS - Florida participates in a multi-state lottery system; just so you know.